Pest Control in Wellington, Florida

Mrs. Mosquito has regulated its services in Wellington, Florida as the village location suggests a high risk of floods which can soon be converted into never-ending pest infestation zones. The conventional Flooding map of 1979 identified the possibility of high tides and recurrence interval floods to show up at 20, 50, 100 years on average. Estimating the statistics, we are here to help the residents from potential pest infestations caused by water damage and damp infrastructure.

Wellington is a colonial village located 66 miles north of Miami. Being a total land of 31 square miles, the village is surrounded by 0.99 % of water bodies. The average temperature of the village stays between 24℃ to 13℃ which is relatively low for humidity. Although, in summers heavy rainfalls are expected and humidity levels change rapidly. The city is populated with 61,637 residents according to the 2020 census which is relatively a large number for the village. Considering several factors, the village requires a profound Pest Control Service as the area is close to water proximity having higher possibilities of pest infestation.

Recommended Services

  • For permanent residents, we suggest signing up for a $60-$90 Monthly treatment plan with seven visits. The plan is collectively customized for mosquito swarms. 
  • The second plan ranging from $75-$125 is determined for residents who are looking for One- time complete treatment. If you are not satisfied with the treatment, reach us again and we will provide corrective service with no additional charge.

Remember, severe infestation can possess high health risks no matter what kind of pests you are dealing with. Call us today at (800) 683-4060 to schedule a free, no-obligation evaluation for your infested facility.

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Special Offer for New Customers

  • Book a service and get one of equal or lesser value for free. The offer is valid only once per address and customer. Our professionals are experienced exterminators and well acknowledged about the pest infestation causes and favorable conditions for breeding. Mrs. Mosquito offered Programs that are unlike most other mosquito control and pest services, determined to evaluate the locations that are vulnerable to pest infestations and possible breeding. Areas with dense climate and damp property are thoroughly inspected under patio decks, wooden furnishings, etc. for best evaluation.
  • $50 Off on any first application, once per household- per customer- per address

One Core Mission

  • Mrs. Mosquito Professionals strive to provide you with a safe and pest-free property that is not vulnerable to potential health risks. Besides, our service believes in increasing the quality of life for residents and communities who are living in poor circulation areas due to severe pest infestation. Days old pest infestation can block the air circulation fluctuating the levels of Oxygen which can lead to life-threatening situations. Also, pests like cockroaches, rats, and mosquitoes combined are very much capable of spreading diseases that can influence death tolls by millions per year.

If you are not sure what kind of pest situation are you dealing with, then Contact Mrs. Mosquito at (800) 683-4060 for profound Pest Control service at your property to promote healthy surroundings for household members and neighbors. For any queries/concerns, drop us a mail at