Pest Control in Marietta, Georgia

Mosquito is a general name given to a range of 3500 species that contribute a major role in spreading virus-borne diseases. These mosquitoes are categorized in the family ‘Culicidae’. Apart from being a fly, they have a segmented body, three pairs of legs, elongated mouth(Proboscis), multiple wings, etc. These flies feed on human and animal plasma. Being filthy blood-sucking prey, they are also known as disease carriers. The United States has a large number of 176 mosquito species. From which three major species reside in Georgia. 

Marietta being the most vulnerable mosquito city of Georgia faces several cases of Zika virus and West Nile Virus. Mrs. Mosquito nurtures your household with the best profound pest control that keeps away all house-infesting insects, rodents, and mosquitoes. Along with the nearby water bodies, climatic conditions seem perfect for the mosquitoes to breed and hatch after the winter season.

Why Choose Mrs. Mosquito to get rid of Mosquito Infestation in Marietta, Georgia?

Mrs. Mosquito services immensely look for regions that are highly prone to mosquito infestation and breeding. Inspecting the household for standing water, damp areas with less air circulation, and under patio desks, we start our pest control. 

Let’s take a look at the procuring benefits of choosing Mrs. Mosquito as your service.

  • A thorough inspection of your household and accompanying any underlying mosquitos or insect manifestation.
  • We use a professional and ethical approach to eliminate the infections and increased rate of mosquitoes in the area.
  • Our professional team makes sure there is no further development of swarms in the area and to affirm, we conduct monthly inspections to promote the health wellness of the residents.

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We as a Pest Control service offer two Exclusive packages:

  • If you and your family are frequent travelers, our service will conduct prominent monthly inspections around your property to reduce the rate of Culicidae breeding and infestations.
  • If you are planning a wedding, birthday party in your backyard or resort, but are worried about the proliferating mosquitoes. Then, Don’t worry!. Our second most exclusive package restates one-time treatment. Here, we conduct pest control on the event site hours before, minimizing the risk of virus-borne diseases.

20+ Years of Professional Experience:

Mrs. Mosquito being a diligent business owned by the family is sustained in nurturing quality life for families who are suffering from a constant recurrence of pest infestations. We are thorough and determined towards our aim and use eco-friendly products to exterminate the breeding nests of mosquitoes keeping children and pets safe. Our services are top-notch and guarantee 100% satisfaction. Not to worry, if the pests don’t shoo away in one visit, give us a call. If they keep coming back, we keep coming back to. We believe in providing corrective service for customers who are determined to secure their proximity from potential diseases and wish to keep their surroundings neat and clean without providing pests qualifying time to nurture.

Call Mrs. Mosquito at (800) 683-4060 to eliminate the possibility of breeding Culicidae in standing water.