Pest Control in Loxahatchee, Florida

Mrs. Mosquito is a communal service that looks after the people who are dealing with pest and wildlife situations. An area like Loxahatchee comes under vulnerable criteria of potential wildlife infestation and pest infestation. We provide free no-obligation evaluation for residents who are not sure about what areas of the household are infested. Besides, the Loxahatchee River is fuelled with tannins leech that can cause terrible water damage to the houses if flood partakes.

Loxahatchee is a scenic town covered with Groves situated in Palm Beach County, Florida. Interestingly, the town is outlined by the Loxahatchee River which is home to endangered species and other wildlife animals like manatees, saltwater alligators, birds, etc. Apart from its scenic beauty, the town is mostly cloudy and the days are hot and humid. Due to 65% average humidity levels in summer and nearby swarms of wildlife, the area is vulnerable to wildlife and insects infestation.

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Our Expertise for Loxahatchee Residents Suggest

$75 Quarterly Pest Control Service

Mrs. Mosquito professionals suggest residents opt for a Quarterly pest control service as it includes a one-year pest-free guarantee. Our method to control the infestation includes extermination indoors as well as the outdoors of the property to locate the species and what kind of mess it has evoked. Based on the complete evaluation, we start our pest control process. If you acknowledge that the property is not yet free from pests, call us again we will provide no-charge corrective infestation to control the infestation.


Service Divided into 3 Specialized Categories

  • We hold 41 MOSQUITO CONTROL LICENSE that restricts the use of any harmful pesticides or insecticides that can cause any harm to residents, flora-fauna, and government buildings.
  • Household Pest Control (HPC) allows us to use practices for household pests like cockroaches, fleas, silverfish, ants, birds, rodents, etc. other than fumigation.
  • Wood-destroying Organisms (WDO) allow us the practice any method to control the furniture or infrastructure damage caused by termites, beetles, and wood-boring pests.

Customization Available

Mrs. Mosquito technicians build customized pest control plans according to your needs. The plan is followed by our six core values along with added protection for your family, home, and business by signing up for more than one of our services. We serve the best and guaranteed pest control services in the county. Besides, we are licensed by the Georgia and Florida Department of Agriculture. Mrs. Mosquito believes in perseverance and integrity.

Strive for Excellence

Mrs. Mosquito professionals strive for excellence in the Florida region. We are a mid-sized Florida and Georgia-based family-owned business. We use environment-friendly extermination practices to prevent future pest infestation at the property. Also, we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. If pests keep infesting your property, we keep exterminating too till complete removal for free. Moreover, our support system is active 24×7 to assist you at no additional cost.

Contact Mrs. Mosquito Technicians at (800) 683-4060 to assist you in controlling the severe wood infestations and animal infestations inside or outside the property. If you hear any screeching, wood pecking, or thrashing sounds at the property, then reach out to us as soon as possible.