Pest Control in Kennesaw, Georgia

Kennesaw, Georgia is 5 miles far away from Marietta. The average temperature of the year falls between 22℉ to 94℉ which suggests variation between muggy, hot, wet, cold, damp, and humid. Considering the average presence of moisture in the air due to humid, damp, and warm weather conditions, the area is vulnerable to several kinds of infestation.

Well, infestations can occur anywhere, it is your call how you prevent them and treat them. First of all, to eliminate the possibility of infestations make sure that your property has no access to standing water and trash around. Usually, the main cause of infestation is the collection of water in dented pits, food crumbles, trash, etc. You may have noticed when you store fruits outside of the fridge, the next day you might see little insects hovering around “fruit flies”. Similarly, trash can attract raccoons and mosquitoes to your home. Getting rid of them can be frustrating but not impossible. Mrs. Mosquito experts are professionally experienced in treating mild-severe degree infestations. Varied kind of infestation requires different treatments. We assure Kennesaw residents to protect them from pathogenic infestations that are harmful to health and property.

Reasonable Offer for First Time Customers

  • $50 off on any first application one per household. Valid for New Customers Only. One per customer.
  • Buy 1 Get 1 Free of cost- buy a service and get one of equal and lesser value for free. The offer is valid for first-time customers only. Besides, this exclusive offer is valid once per customer/address.

Repair and Retreat Warranty

Mrs. Mosquito follows a different mechanism to treat the ongoing infestation. We first inspect, plan, treat, and then correct(is required). Our main agenda to apply a pest control service is to provide the community with healthy living spaces without any pest-causing nuisance. The existence of pests in the house can cost you a lot. A pest can chew all furnishings, make burrows in the garden, (in offices) can nibble upon your goods, etc. A pest is an uninvited resident that constantly thinks about creating a nuisance. Apart from nuisance, many pests can spread harmful diseases. For eg: If you have several bats in your attic, their fecal matter is poisonous if inhaled. The circumstances could be fatal. If you are exposed to pests like bats, rodents, ants, mosquitoes, wildlife, etc. then reach out to us for the safe pest removal from our property.

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Quarterly Pest Control Services that Target and Eliminate House Infesting

  • Cover all interior spaces that could be infested by pests.
  • Our experts are acknowledged about what exterior spaces could be infested and inspect them with accuracy
  • If the treatment is unsatisfactory, you can contact us back and we will provide you service free of cost. 
  • Our service guarantees one-year protection from incoming pests.
  • Choosing this service makes you eligible for discounts on other services.


*Requires service contract for one-year initial service fee $65.

Money-Back Guarantee

If you are not comfortable with in-between scheduled visits, then we are also available for service anytime call within a 24×7 hour window. No matter if you have chosen one time treatment plan or a quarterly plan with 7 scheduled visits, we provide complete extermination. If you are not satisfied with the pest control service, we provide you with corrective service at no additional cost. If the pest infests infestation keeps growing back, we keep coming back too.  In 30 days, the problems must go away. If it doesn’t, we continue to serve you at no additional cost. Still, if you are not satisfied with the service, we claim to refund back your last regular service payment.

Contact Mrs. Mosquito at (800) 683-4060 if you are not sure what kind of infestation you are dealing with?

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