Pest Control in Canton, Georgia

The City Canton is situated in the heart of Cherokee county, surrounded by mountains. Being the mountain’s most neighboring city, Canton experiences extreme heat in summers and temperate cold winters. During the course of one complete year, the city temperature varies between 34 – 94° F. Experiencing the most humid temperature in summers, Canton becomes the best place for pest infestations. Every household in Canton experiences some kind of pest infestation as grown pests look for a shed to hide in and small pests like termites and bugs look for moistures in woods and crevices for survival.

Pay Only $ 95 for One-time Pest Control

Planning a wedding, birthday party, etc. in your backyard? Tired of constant pest exposure in the backyard and feeling unconfident about the further function, then don’t worry! Mrs. Mosquito avails a discounted charge for one time pest treatment. We promise to exterminate all kinds of pests hiding in your backyard or fields with less disruption and more safety. First, we tend to inspect the complete grounds for any infestation or swarms. Secondly, we start removing spider webs and egg sacs from yard corners, in accordance with treating cracks and crevices. Moreover, our proficient approach promises 100% extermination of pests. Although, we conduct regular visits to inspect the grounds once again for future infestation problems.

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Live by Six Core Principles

Mrs. Mosquito runs on its six bounded principles. We never go further than the 6 principles to exterminate the household or premises. The principles include – do the right thing, maintain your integrity while helping others, provide the best and effective service, work with dedication, be grateful, and to live is to give.

100% Customer Satisfaction

For 100% customer satisfaction, Mrs. Mosquito servicemen inspect all the spaces in walls like crevices, holes, cracks for hidden insect swarms. We cover the cracks and crevices after complete removal to avoid further infestation. For more prominent household infestation care, we keep baits for rodents and mosquitoes if required.

Licenced services by Georgia Department of Agriculture

Mrs. Mosquito licensing is categorized based on safety measures, prohibition of use of restricted pesticides by state. Besides, we use environmentally friendly pesticides for removal of all kinds of pests, excluding fumigation. The use of powder to exterminate the termites and crevice based insects is licenced by GDA as well.