Mrs Mosquito

About Us

Mrs Mosquito is a mid-sized Georgia and Florida family-owned-business. We are licensed by the Georgia and Florida Department of Agriculture.

Our services are backed by the best Service Guarantee in the industry. We guarantee 100% satisfaction for every pest control service. If pests come back between regularly scheduled visits, so do we, for free.

The Georgia Structural Pest Control Act divides structural pest control into three specialized areas or categories: Mosquitos (MOS), Household Pest Control (HPC) and Wood-destroying Organisms (WDO).

Mosquito (MOS): Mosquito Control. CATEGORY 41 MOSQUITO CONTROL LICENSE. This license category includes commercial applicators using or supervising the use of general use pesticides in the control of mosquitoes on residential, commercial and public grounds.

Household Pest Control (HPC): Household Pest Control The use of pesticide, device or practice to control pests including cockroaches, fleas, silverfish, ants, birds, rodents, etc. by any method other than fumigation.

Wood-destroying Organisms (WDO): Wood-destroying Organism Control The application of any and all measures for the purpose of controlling termites, powder post beetles, wood boring